Is Fedora Linux really all that great?
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Author:  Chris [ Sun May 30, 2004 8:21 am ]
Post subject:  Is Fedora Linux really all that great?

Hi, I am having mixed feelings about the new blag being made with fedora. I have been reading about fedora linux being very buggy and horribly incompatable with lots of older hardware. Poeple are having problems with loosing windows on thier computer after installing Fedora. Also, not to mention the installation lock ups and incorrect monitor resolution settings. I am afraid to say that I think the good old days of Redhat Linux(now Fedora), being one of the best, stable, and compatable linux distributions is soon to die. Does anyone else feel the same way or run into any of the same frustrations I have had?

Author:  observer7 [ Sun May 30, 2004 11:50 am ]
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the short answere to your question is yes . older pc s it is advisible to use legacy redhat repositories. fedora is really well supported and tons of software built for it . debian is the only distro that has more but its hard to set up and its new software has a very long lag time.
if you wanted to hang with redhat keep 9002 blag and google for a list of legacy repositories whiche are developers who build rpms for the old operating systems. fedora is very compatible with computers 2 years old to present. they released fedora with no mp3 or movie player capibilities because they were afraid of lic agreements whiche was bull.
blag with this realease and the new repositories will be what fedora should have been. theres anti virus software ,internet ,,and all kinds of software that lags very little from the time its realesed from the source .
yes i like this distro and i think its compatible to whiche blag aspires to , if the e.u. steamrolls ahead with its plan on patents and same here in the us we can still operate with off shore repositories . i am getting politicle now but i hope this helps .

Author:  jebba [ Sun May 30, 2004 7:50 pm ]
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The problems with older hardware and jacking windoz installs is in Fedora Core 2. The next blag, which i've been working on for the last few months and is pretty much ready, is based on Fedora Core 1.

I will continue to update the repositories including fixes and updates for older versions of BLAG, mostly just by grabbing stuff from fedoralegacy.

I've been working with fedora core 2 a bit and have compiled lots of blag applications for it.

Fedora Core 2 is very nice in some ways and completely sucks in others.

I anticipate there being two main branches of blag--one based on FC1 and another on FC2. FC2 is using kernel 2.6, which is great for some stuff, but blows for others. It doesn't even have firewire /at all/ in the current release.

I expect there to be a bit of a flood of errata updates for FC2. These will be rolled into blag, so BLAG20000 should even be more stable than FC2.

Author:  Guest [ Tue Jun 01, 2004 11:48 pm ]
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When will Blag 20000 with FC 2 be available
Hollywood 8)

Author:  jebba [ Mon Jun 07, 2004 12:45 am ]
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Here's the Roadmap of when I expect things to be released:


Author:  jebba [ Wed Jun 16, 2004 9:51 am ]
Post subject:  BLAG20000 alpha notes

I am uploading another alpha of BLAG20000 right now (currently at version 19999.00055).

Here's an abbreviated list of some of the new packages:

Any of the above may be yanked by the final release. New packages can be added at this point. If there is something new that you want, now is the time to speak up! :)

I have also sync'd it with the latest Fedora Core 2 updates, including the most recent kernel (there have been 2 updates to this already).

Epiphany? Firefox? mozilla will stay, of course.


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