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 Post subject: my reflections on blag
PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2009 3:49 am 
i stopped counting the number of days since i last used blag 90k on my tablet pc because it has been one year and five months since the current version was released. codenamed, oxygen, it presented a milestone in the development of this 100% free gnu/linux based distribution, an independent spin of fedora. blag provides its community with a distribution that respects its users freedom. with each release it simply did not distribute free software, but the foundations for every user to be a participant in its community. whether contributing feedback about a current or old release to discussing important topics relevant in the development of how we address issues within our physical localities, it is a prime example of a distribution that provides an overall experience that non gnu/linux users can appreciate using a non-free platform and that current gnu/linux users could swallow the nostalgia of their early experiences with gnu/linux and live in nirvana.

occasionally several times each month, i find myself browsing over to the forums on the website hoping to see: BLAG 100000k (Massachusetts) Released. these days, i am running gNewSense 2.3 on that tablet pc which has always been my second-first choice for running a fully free distribution and second choice for the type of package management system i have avoided in a ubuntu/debian based architecture. prior to being exposed to 100% free gnu/linux systems, i was moving between fedora and suse. i almost made a desperate move to Ubuntu because of its increasing popularity, but at the very moment my consciousness matured about the underlying issues with these distributions, so did my understanding about how important my freedom as a computer user living in a free society grew that I was exposed to the benefits of using blag. it was the difference between believing in what we can accomplish and setting your mind to do it.

this month marks ten years since i begin using gnu/linux and the journey has been insightful. from the day i reformatted my hard drive to install redhat linux 7.0, on my first windows 2000 system as a freshman in college, my experience using gnu/linux was no different than the rites of passage any new student experiences when they go off to school in understanding the realities of the world they live in...or at least they believed they were living in. today as i reflect on the next release of blag, the state of free software a decade from now, i find peace in knowing that without blag, gNewSense, Trisquel and the very very few other 100% free gnu/linux distributions that our society is at a loss. for its users, who are contributors as developers, activist, programmers, artist, we have shown this society how revolutionary and dynamic software can be from a technical, theoretical, practical and fundamental standpoint by providing a interactive community that demonstrates that characteristics of living and participating in forming the world we want to live in.

on this day, i re-affirm my commitment to using free software by working together with my brothers and sisters worldwide who are developing blag gnu and linux, to contribute the knowledge that I have gained over the last decade to see how far we can grow this distribution, the foundations and principles it stands for. whether online through mailing list, irc, chat or offline by sharing knowledge with others, blag is more than gnu/linux, blag is home.

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