What GNU/Linux skills do you possess that you're proud of?
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Author:  bla [ Sat Jan 23, 2010 4:34 pm ]
Post subject:  What GNU/Linux skills do you possess that you're proud of?

As there are thousands of people listed as users on this forum and hundreds who have made post for help or have made time in helping others I created this thread because over in development, while I have been interested in where people can contribute to the next release, here I am equally interested in having a discussion about the skills we possess that make us effective users of the GNU/Linux system.

Weather your using(or not using) blag, there are some skills that are universal across any distro that I believe are vital to every user and from personal experience a user gains from having to troubleshoot issues with their system. The skill that I am referring to ranges from being proficient at using a specific program(graphical or text-based) to having the ability to setup services(i.e webserver, mailserver, etc.,) to providing a clear explanation about a topic that many people may have a question on.

The variety of skills we each possesses gives an opportunity for every person to contribute both directly and indirectly to the discussion, development process and overall experience that has been enriching for me personally. What we can we can learn one another is invaluable for those who have an interest, passion and fervour about GNU/Linux. In turn what we can teach others sets the foundation for our growth thereby ensuring that we are sustaining our own needs and those of the community.

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