Mafiaredirect vs Fireice
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Author:  Linuxis [ Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Mafiaredirect vs Fireice

I was trolling about, trying to find ways of accentuating Icecat, when I accidentally stumbled upon Fireice which is an addon based on Mafia Fire.

The developer didn't like Mafiafire's behavior and said that he didn't trust the redirect links so he just built the entire database into the addon so that Icecat won't slow down, accessing the list of censored sites and rules.

Since I rarely noticed Mafia Fire work, I barely notice if Fireice is working. So it's hard for me to actually compare and review as to which addon is superior as Fireice is essentially a spin off of Mafiafire.

So...if anyone has actually noticed a difference, it would nice to know.

On a side note, I'd like to ask about any useful privacy addons that aren't well known that are super useful.

I've used Phzilla before and it's ok but it's full of holes. Noscript is a no brainer (but it's widely used) While Icecat is installed, it's rarely discussed how people use it. And what tips their are to improve usability, and otherwise tweak it altogether.

I think the input of this information will further improve the experience of relative beginners and experts alike, while using Blag.

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