I'm sorry guys - but when the meat hits the street,-
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Author:  berkbw [ Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  I'm sorry guys - but when the meat hits the street,-

When Linux 1st came upon the scene, ala Slakware's huge floppy distro, it was hailed as the OS that would run on your old hdwe. From those days, I have used Linux whenever commercial [read: work] concerns did not have the upper hand. (Sorry, I also need to eat).

I even went through the FC1-FC2 change - almost. Since ca 30000, I have been using and enjoying BLAG, and the blaggers. I don't know if any of you have ever had EVERY compubox fail .. like a fuse burning .. or had found that the B/Us and original mat'l were also unusable, but it ALWAYS happens in MY house.. to either me or my wife. Having thought that I'd stuck a fat hog in the arse, I wasn't worried. But ... I was WRONG!

When 90001 failed to run, I figured, OK - - back to 70K. WRONG!

Reloading 70K, and doing the updates, which I had thought would fix all - the updates killed my system - intel g856, I think. I don't need snazzy audio or 3D, but I DO need video. The updates killed my use of the nvidia board - and killed the on-board i810 video. I tried 3 times to start over, load 70K, upgrade - and krap! Same-o.

I HAD to do something. No email! Zero out of 3 boxes working. I spent 3 days finding a way to get my #1 box up, w/o M$. No time to compile BSD kernels, or other, like stuff. So, in a week, and a 6" stack of CDs & DVDs, I had produced a semi-functional UBUNTU system. --Got all of the most necessary email connectivity done, got sysbox #2 back from HP [main laptop may be toast].

As a relatively liberal ordained minister, I have found that the "why" of someone's beliefs might overshadow the "what". I understand the drive for "free" soft{firm]ware. And I realise that had I stayed on the original upgrade course @ 70k, I would not have experienced this.

I truly regret leaving the brotherhood of BLAG.

Berk -

Author:  jebba [ Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:19 am ]
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Hmm, you may have posted it, but I didn't see why 90k had a problem. For the intel video card they have been using an "intel" and "i910" (actually, not sure about the latter name, "i" something) which work with an overlap of cards. So perhaps you could use one or the other with your card (this is true in ubuntu and wherever else you have xorg). As a minimum you should be able to use vesa modes. Glad you're at least with ubuntu ;)

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