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PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, 2004 1:28 am 
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Joined: Sun Mar 14, 2004 3:17 pm
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New kernel in 20k repository

To install:

apt-get update
apt-get install kernel#2.6.8-1.521

Note that the "#" is replaces the dash.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, 2004 8:24 am 
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Joined: Sun Mar 14, 2004 3:17 pm
Posts: 4492
Location: Loveland, Colorado, USA
Fedora Update Notification

Product : Fedora Core 2
Name : kernel
Version : 2.6.8
Release : 1.521
Summary : The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system)
Description :
The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of any
Linux operating system. The kernel handles the basic functions
of the operating system: memory allocation, process allocation, device
input and output, etc.

Update Information:

This update kernel updates the Fedora Core 2 kernel to version 2.6.8.
Included in this new upstream kernel are several fixes on the networking
front, including traffic shaping and window scaling fixes.

Note: This kernel includes several Execshield cleanups and changes, and as a
result programs that make certain restrictive assumptions about the virtual
address space (such as Wine) need a different workaround than before.
The applications can get the old (legacy) VA layout via the
setarch -L <application>
option when a recent enough serarch application is in use, in addition there
now is a global switch to go to the legacy VA layout:
echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/legacy_va_layout

* Sat Aug 14 2004 Arjan van de Ven <>

- 2.6.8-rc4-bk3
- split execshield up some more

* Sat Aug 14 2004 Dave Jones <>

- Update SCSI whitelist again with some more card readers.

* Tue Aug 10 2004 Arjan van de Ven <>

- 2.6.8-rc3-bk3

* Thu Aug 05 2004 Arjan van de Ven <>

- Add the flex-mmap bits for s390/s390x (Pete Zaitcev)
- Add flex-mmap for x86-64 32 bit emulation
- 2.6.8-rc3

This update can be downloaded from: ... updates/2/

c6a6b494059f01e20f69be28e35d7c34 SRPMS/kernel-2.6.8-1.521.src.rpm
c8414cca0d78754981e7f22e98dc3378 x86_64/kernel-2.6.8-1.521.x86_64.rpm
183e619084d567f95730f29c60974c7a x86_64/kernel-smp-2.6.8-1.521.x86_64.rpm
c9af2d7eaf18b507919a666ce31c083e x86_64/debug/kernel-debuginfo-2.6.8-1.521.x86_64.rpm
1249d155d13f218a29a9630fca462b26 x86_64/kernel-sourcecode-2.6.8-1.521.noarch.rpm
64d38986eb380f5a126435750bdb6143 x86_64/kernel-doc-2.6.8-1.521.noarch.rpm
5a4cb0bdd3d1f9a477c40d8c94810c08 i386/kernel-2.6.8-1.521.i586.rpm
a5f6c23c132494c058b65c400e0e8f7a i386/kernel-smp-2.6.8-1.521.i586.rpm
f2c200606b2ebbea9cfdbed8165486ab i386/debug/kernel-debuginfo-2.6.8-1.521.i586.rpm
0cc396210fec597d6440541a3bde5295 i386/kernel-2.6.8-1.521.i686.rpm
51155f6069b4d2b9831697e25ceb1fb3 i386/kernel-smp-2.6.8-1.521.i686.rpm
01d3bdeb3f225098af29be2c1a512ef8 i386/debug/kernel-debuginfo-2.6.8-1.521.i686.rpm
1249d155d13f218a29a9630fca462b26 i386/kernel-sourcecode-2.6.8-1.521.noarch.rpm
64d38986eb380f5a126435750bdb6143 i386/kernel-doc-2.6.8-1.521.noarch.rpm

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