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slaveware forum faq

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:24 pm    Post subject: slaveware forum faq Reply with quote

BLAG is a Free Software distribution.

Occasionally, users use non-free software with BLAG, an example would be the proprietary nvidia drivers. This creates a burden on Free Software users because their problems pollute the forums with issues that are not encountered by Free Software users. There's no reason people committed to Free Software should be burdened with those issues.

To remedy this I have created this forum topic so Free Software users don't even have to encounter or deal with any non-free software issues. The other solution was to just "ban" non-free discussion, which is awfully tempting to me. ;)

Other forum admins, if you see threads that aren't relevant to Free Software users, please move them here (and don't leave shadows of the thread). Thanks.

If you are unclear what is free vs. non-free, see this page at the Free Software Foundation:

To check if a license is FSF Free, see:


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