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[blag-users] BLAG 90000 Notes

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:21 am    Post subject: [blag-users] BLAG 90000 Notes Reply with quote

BLAG 90000 has a few known problems/irritants:

* Upgrading is most chaotic of all. Fresh installs are recommended. I put a bit
of text on doing upgrades using apt instead of the CD. In fact, don't do a CD
upgrade from 70000, it's known busted.

* mplayer is hosed due to using freshrpm's x264 instead of livna's

* after firstboot, you may have to hit ctrl-alt-f7 to get X to go. A reboot
will also bring up X ok (like right after you add the user the first time).

* selinux=0 isn't getting passed to the kernel boot line. I knew this before
and let it slide after discussions on fedora-devel about it. I think in the
future I'll re-add it (and do quiet too).

* no automajick blagblagblag installs

* It is recommended to use yum instead of apt, for now. I had generally
recommended apt in the past. You can comment out the GPG line in
/etc/apt/apt.conf and run this to get things sorted with apt: `apt-get update
&& apt-get -f install`

* Not all icons are blagged. omfg.

Some of these issues are solved in the repo and youu can `yum update` to fix them.

A number of these problems have already been solved in test ISOs. I'll be
pushing out a new ISO RSN.

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