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GdNewHat'Hatrack'2014 GNU/Linux-Libre+Screenshots

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 5:46 pm    Post subject: GdNewHat'Hatrack'2014 GNU/Linux-Libre+Screenshots Reply with quote

Development of GdNewHat system distribution will be closed at the end of current release and new one will be started in the near future as new brand name(*). It probably become source based distro. If you want to continue to use RPM based linux-libre distro, please see BLAG linux. Development of BLAG distro is restarting now.

GdNewHat project will shift to provide ICT educational contents and tools in the future as GdNewHat Education Project.

(*) New distro info is updated at this website or "http://www.pugnix.org" as new information becomes available. Thank you.

Important notice:

All repositories will be closed at Sep. 30, 2014. Please change GdNewHat's repository configuration into BLAG's one.

For example:
# rpm -e --nodeps hatrack-release hatrack-release-notes
# rpm -e --nodeps hatrack-backgrounds hatrack-backgrounds-animated
# rpm -e --nodeps hatrack-backgrounds-base hatrack-backgrounds-gnome
# rpm -e --nodeps hatrack-backgrounds-mate
# rpm -ivh ftp://blag.fsf.org/200000/blag-updates/x86_64/blag-release-200000-2.noarch.rpm
# yum clean all
# yum update
# shutdown -r now

those wishing to use a Freed-ora Freedom Kernel but may be put off by
the difficulty of "Librerating Fedora20 & installing Libre-Kernel.
The easy way is to install GdNewhat:


GdNewHat Project aim to develop and distribute fully free system
distribution based on free software community's accomplishments. We are
always making an attempt to eliminate non-free components or replace
them such as non-free firmware, driver, software and document with free
one from our software repository and system distribution when possible.

GdNewHat system distribution mainly use binary-blob (non-free firmware,
driver) free GNU Linux-libre kernel that is maintained by FSF Latin
America instead of official linux kernel. So, some hardware may not
enough function or may be unsupported in a lot of cases. However, you
can make completely clean computer system with only free software
without restrictive licenses if you use it.

Note: "Hatrack" is Fedora Remix based on upstream's official release
binaries and sources. There are i386 for 32-bit PC and x86_64 for 64-bit
PC version, those are ready to use. Intel-compatible PC, least 1GB RAM
and 10GB disk space are recommended for installation. If your PC have
more than 3GB RAM, you will install PAE kernel by yum command in cases
where you install i386 version. Default desktop environment is MATE.
Non-critical bug may happen in rare cases after first login. Please read
a bug report if necessary.

How to get sources:

You can get upstream's sources if you carry out "yumdownloader --source
PACKAGENAME" on command line. You will find kernel sources at
http://www.fsfla.org. In addition, there are additional sources at our
repositories, those are listed below.

RPM repositories:

http://us.gdnewhat.org (i686 binaries, Up to 100Mbps, United States)
http://mir01.gdnewhat-jp.org (i686 and x86_64 binaries, Up to 200Mbps,


SCREENSHOTS /==========>






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