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A Callout for the wiki!

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 4:07 am    Post subject: A Callout for the wiki! Reply with quote


Hey, lets get this wiki going more.

In the new-to-be released blag website the "Documentation" link goes straight to the wiki.

If you've never edited a wiki, it takes a touch of learning, but if you know HTML, its easier than that. The blag wiki is the same software driving http://www.wikipedia.org/

Feel free to add content about any applications or whatever that you know about. Even add "stubs" (sooper-short "articles" that are only a sentence or two long) so we can start getting the links organized.

One handy thing about the wiki is that you can "take notes" on it, so you remember how to do something when you want to do it again later.

So, please, add or edit an article on the BLAG wiki! :)


For starters, you could add something to the near-empty FAQ:



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