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ibm thinkpad mobo died

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john maclean
PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2004 1:38 am    Post subject: ibm thinkpad mobo died Reply with quote

We regret to announce that the motherboard of the IBM thinkpad 600, type 2645 is fucked. Whilst logged on as root Jayeola noticed that his mouse was behaving strangely...

" I was trying to install irssi, the internet relay chat app and was looged on as root at the time. I was only using the root account to apt install the app and I always use my main acc when working in *NIX. I must've been root for about an hour when I noticed that the mouse would not move vertically. I immediatley removed the ethernet cable, as I thought that I was being fucked with by a l33t, or worse a hacker. I tried the `last` command but no one else logged into my box apart from me. I rebooted the machine only to see nuff error messages regarding the sys board."

The United Nations is calling for week of mouring and an emergency summit to investigate the cause of the loss of Jayeola's fave laptop. He is receiving councelling at the moment, as he has to use Microsoft Windows. The manufacturer of his router (name witheld) is being interogated by the Police.

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