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AktiviX II - Another System is Possible!

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2004 10:47 pm    Post subject: AktiviX II - Another System is Possible! Reply with quote


AktiviX II - Another System is Possible!

10-12th September 2004 Sheffield, England

A weekend for environmental / animal rights / peace / social justice /anti-capitalist campaigners / activists and cultural creatives to get to know GNU/Linux, each other, and to discuss political strategies and actions around Information and Communication Technology

Free Software is an alternative to the products of Microsoft and other proprietary software corporations who do not share their code in a collaborative community or creative commons.

Once a plaything for geeks, GNU/Linux is now an impressive, stable, secure, virus-free and versatile alternative to M$ Windows.

AktiviX is a chance to try installing, running, and securing a GNU/Linux system, to share experiences and enthusiasm with other activists and hackers, and make plans for the future.

Whatever the level of ability, confidence or experience with computers all activists, grass-roots groups, social workers, and others who are interested in moving to Free software for a Free Culture are welcome.

There will also be a meeting about an AktiviX:CommunityServer project. The vision is to take control of informational flows through community building. People are encouraged to discuss participation in this collaborative effort with their local collectives and friends, -bring ideas and experiences!


At AktiviX II there will be sessions on...

* Privacy, security and encryption. See AKtiviX:AktiviX II Security
o Connecting, chatting, emailing and sharing files and information securely
* Linux Distributions. See AktiviX:AktiviX II Getting Linux
o Linux live CDs, eg Knoppix
o Blag, a Linux distro from the Brixton Linux Action Group aimed at activists
* Using Software to organise and socialise. See AktiviX:AktiviX II Social Software
o Suring the web with Firefox
o Chatting with GAIM, Jabber and XChat on IRC
o Mailing lists with Mailman
o Creating horizontal web sites using Wiki's
o Peer to peer file sharing
* Gaming on Linux. See AktiviX:AktiviX II Gaming on Linux
o Doom 3
* Producing Documents, using images and more. See AktiviX:AktiviX II Working With Free Software
o OpenOffice.org
o The GNU Image Manipulation Programe (GIMP) - a free photoshop alternative
o Burn CDs, DVDs and encode and decode with K3B
o ImageMagick
* Free software on Windows
o The OpenCD
* Women only sessions
o Hardware - hands-on taking apart and putting together computers
* Hardware - hands-on taking apart and putting together computers
* Hactivism
o Hacklabs and Polymedia Labs, with the London Freedom Hacklab and LowTech?
o Tactical media, DIY media and Indymedia
* Recycling and building appropriate autonomous infrastructure
o Wireless Communities
o Linux Terminal Services
* The philosophy of the Free Software Movement
o AktiviX:Copyrights & Copyleft
+ AKtiviX:Copyrights
o The Libre Society Manifesto
o and Beyond
* An AktiviX:AktiviX II:FilmScreening
* Add your idea here!

PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2004 7:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

this sounds wicked dude, will be well up for going. Our crew , A2RT would prob be up for doing workshops too, we been recycling PCs, putting linux on them ( Moved from mandrake to BLAG as default install you'll be pleased to know :-) . I mentioned the video editing a while back to so we may have something to offer with that too. Are RTI anything to do with it?

nice one


PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2004 9:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

RTI is listed as lowtech.

There's an #aktivix channel on irc.indymedia.org


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