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blag magazine

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 8:09 pm    Post subject: blag magazine Reply with quote

blag magazine is a UK magazine related to the fashion industry.

It's URL is:

And a detailed history of the magazine is on wikipedia:

When BLAG the distro was started, we didn't know about the existence of the magazine.

Recently, we had a thread here were a user put up a couple images of their magazine covers and dissed them a bit (my guess is he doesn't like the fashion industry...). This attracted the attention of the magazine itself:

Dear Jason Pappin,

It has recently been made aware to me that there is a post relating to my
magazine on your website's forum:


We have been operating since 1993 and trademarked since 1994. I can recall
being asked about several companies applying for trademarks with similar
names. When not the same business as mine, I have had no problems with this. I
think you may well have been one of these.

I would therefore request you kindly remove this post from your forum
immediately. The first two posts are incorrect and I find some of the comments
offensive and insulting.

Please kindly confirm to me you will remove this post upon my request.

Thank you in advance.


S. Edwards

I'm guessing they wrote to Jason as the domain is registered under his name.

Anyway, since our thread wasn't too pretty, I've whacked it and put this here instead. :)



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