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70000 -> 89999 --> BLAGHEAD = a new oddessy

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 8:34 pm    Post subject: 70000 -> 89999 --> BLAGHEAD = a new oddessy Reply with quote

I've had 7K installed for several months - spending more time with it now since gnuisance ripped my FREE audio support out of the kernel. Oliva's Libre kernel works fine but not used since NIH, I guess.

Anyway, I like to have the latest and greatest not too unstable and free if possible, so when I saw the posting for the 89999 iso's severak weeks ago, I grabbed the i386 and netinst iso's. Netinst didn't work for me - couldn't figure out what URL it wanted. The full install went fairly well - and I was able to run update. Then I saw BLAGHEAD and added that repository and the fun began. I am becoming adept at command line use of apt and yum, manual installs, use of nodeps, and have excluded 6 - 8 packages in yum.conf. May get a usable system out of this after all.

I do have one nagging problem introduced when I added BLAGHEAD - that is a failure to boot into runlevel 5 from startup - system just hangs with the last message displayed being about Activating LVM Manager. If I boot into single user mode, it gets past that point OK and stops normally with a command prompt. If I then enter "exit", it resumes and boots into run level 5 just fine. Presume it's a problem in the new upstart scripts or a conflict with the old init scripts. Help on this one would be appreciated.



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