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About to add m2f...
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:12 pm    Post subject: [blag-users] About to add m2f... Reply with quote

Ya, I think we're ok. I thought I had a mail loop running for a minute there
though. ;)

Well there is a bug but I got it to terminate after 1 loop.

email > forum
forum > email

That is the extent of the loop.

Does it only accept mail from the lists and such? It's address is going to be
harvested and spammed here RSN...

I have spam filters in place but quite right it could get nailed to hell
though it will not be a public email address. I will edit the forum
posts to hide it. Obviously that is not the answer but I will set it up
to drop ANYTHING not from blag-users@lists.blagblagblag.org.

Oh wow. Cool. :) Have fun there.

NYC is awesome. 24/7 drinking. Pay $5 and get a WHOLE evening of free
drinks. Yes from 4pm until 8am for $5. I almost died when I saw the
sign. Where I am heading out tonight come to think of it.

And ah the attachment thing will be fun. Too fun. Fingers crossed.

Ya, once a minute seems good. I dont think checking a pop box is going to slow
that box down! heh

I would hope not lol.

Not urgent, but would be nice to prettyize it.

Yeah I will try to do it when no one is looking because for a few
seconds damn that box is going to look ugly :)


And me because I send email in plain text but HTML email.... damn that
will be fun to see. Please no marquees and the like. Also doesn't allow

Cool, thanks for setting it up. I already like it enough that I want it for
blag-devel<-->forums-development, but lets wait a week or two before we do that.

Well it is really easy to do. Any of the admins can do it but if you
guys want me to do it then I will.

Since I was on that box I also changed bugzilla to spew to blag-noise@ instead
of blag-devel@ since we now have that list.

Nice job :) I am subscribed on them all I believe and like to read through.

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