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[blag-users] "MISSING OPERATING SYSTEM"????? Help

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 17, 2008 1:58 am    Post subject: [blag-users] "MISSING OPERATING SYSTEM"????? Help Reply with quote

Sizemore101 wrote:

Weird. I just decided to try and reinstall it and everything worked
fine. Though it appears Leopard is still completely wiped out - perhaps
that's for the best! :-}

Jebba thanks anyways for the response. I researched it first before
installing. And it appears that intel mac users either used boot camp or
parallels. I did install it through anaconda and I was getting grub, and
the install disc recognized that I had BLAG installed on my mac; and yet
it wouldn't work. I have no idea why. But it works now; as evident from
this post.

Cool, glad you got it going. I didn't put anything in there to blow out
leopard. hhaah. ;)

Now to get the wireless internet working...[/list]

/me runs
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