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FreeEEE and MIDI cable

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:17 am    Post subject: FreeEEE and MIDI cable Reply with quote

I'm unable to work with midi from an usb midi cable (EMU xmidi 1x1). The cable is listed by qjackctl or aconnect, I can do the connection between midi cable input and zynaddsubfx, but zynaddsubfx receives no midi events.
When trying to disconect the midi cable from zynadsubfx, qjackctl freezes.
The same happens when I use aconnect for disconnecting: aconnect freezes.
The same happens when trying to close zynaddsubfx (while it's already conected to midi input of course): it freezes.
I tried to use midi and zynaddsubfx without jackd (zynaddsubfx can work with oss driver when jack isn't available), the same freeze happens.

With eeebuntu the midi connection works fine, but the kernel isn't realtime, so after pressing many keys it crashes, jackd must be restarted.
But freeeee has the realtime kernel and it runs faster.

For my midi cable I'm able to see additional info in /proc/asound/XMidi1X1/.
The complete list is: id midi0 oss_mixer usbbus usbid

When doing cat /proc/asound/XMidi1X1/midi0 (and my midi keyboard is open anc connected to zynaddsubfx) I get something like:
E-MU XMidi1X1
Output 0
Tx bytes : 0
Input 0
Rx bytes : 172
Buffer size : 4096
Avail : 170
Overruns : 0
And Rx bytes and Avail increase continously (around 5 bytes per second).
The kernel is

When doing the same thing in eeebuntu I get:
Output 0
Tx bytes : 0
Input 0
Rx bytes : 119
Buffer size : 4096
Avail : 0
Overruns : 0
And Rx bytes increases continously (around the same 5 bytes per second)
The kernel is 2.6.28-12-netbook

So it seems that for FREEEEE the Avail bytes are not 0, so this might be a hint for the problem, I don't know how to deal with this..

With vkeybd virtual keyord the connection is fine.


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