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BLAG Design

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PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2014 2:23 pm    Post subject: BLAG Design Reply with quote

Good Day!

After reviewing some of the background packages in the Fedora repo, I saw that there were dozens of packages dedicated to backgrounds for each release as well as extras from the base release. After Nigel Green expressed interest in designing backgrounds and logos for the release and after viewing the the user desktop submissions from Bodhi Linux[0]
from the forum post[1] user pistonbrew contributed to, I'd like to see a series of user contributed background images(e.g photography, classical art, manifestos, etc) from everyone and anyone.

My immediate goal is to provide a set of background image packages to replace those from Fedora, but I'd like to see the underlying nature of the submissions that define experiences and interest that we all share in common. If commonalities do not exist, perhaps exposure to something new is what may come from these images.

If there are not any specific images that you want to contribute, but instead find content that is licensed for use that can be included, I've been searching for themes revolved around Protest and Resistance.
Additionally, based on the release name, I'd like to have images of political prisoners based on my forum post[2,3]. However, the images alone represent one aspect for me. I always like to know the story or (his/her)story behind an image and always feel that the relationship between how those images connect to us, have an impact that changes our perspective on how we see things. Thus providing attribution also provides the opportunity for people to discuss the personal side of their submissions.

I plan to provide attribution within the release notes for submissions as well within the specific package release. While submissions can be done on trac, I 'd like to move them to the wiki and hopefully, the user pages can be developed to highlight the personal choices.

I will be sending a follow-up about logos, sounds and other creative works needed for the distribution, site, wiki and other areas of the infrastructure that require branding and design.




Enjoy your day ahead!
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