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GNU/Linux computers pre-flashed with Coreboot

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:56 pm    Post subject: GNU/Linux computers pre-flashed with Coreboot Reply with quote

"The Gluglug is a supplier that sells GNU/Linux computers pre-flashed with Coreboot, free boot firmware written to replace the proprietary BIOS or UEFI firmware found in most modern x86 computers.

It’s mission: make it easy to have a computer that was made to run 100% with Free Software, with no proprietary software of any kind. This includes the boot firmware, operating system, drivers and applications.

The version of coreboot shipped by gluglug is 100% Free Software, with no proprietary blobs of any kind.

The machines come fully loaded with Trisquel GNU/Linux, and they can also have gNewSense or Parabola GNU/Linux installed on request. With the Gluglug you get full source code for all of the tools used to create the boot program, plus documentation. If you want to hack your machine, you can. That’s really the whole concept.

You also get updates, so when the Gluglug makes a substantial change to the firmware it ships, you will receive a copy of it along with documentation for how to flash it and tweak it to your needs.

This is especially important in this day and age when more and more devices are becoming locked down with with things like Restricted Boot, and containing hardware-based backdoors. The Gluglug provides an opt-out for that kind of mistreatment."

Please, take a look: http://shop.gluglug.org.uk/

I ordered one yesterday (Thank you Santa!); so will tell you more later.

What the FSF says: http://www.fsf.org/news/gluglug-x60-laptop-now-certified-to-respect-your-freedom

Blag'em up!
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