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[Announcement]BLAG 300000 Released

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:50 pm    Post subject: [Announcement]BLAG 300000 Released Reply with quote

April Fools All!


In recognition for some of the very many definitions of blag and in celebrating April Fools, I hope some of you got a good laugh. In all seriousness, starting in May, we will begin development of BLAG 200000. For those of you who are excited, I look forward to working with you all as a team to see a successful release. For those of you who may ignore this message because you've been discouraged about participating from our inability not to come together as a community, during the next few months, I'll hope that you'll participate, even if are not interested in the OS Development.

However, it's been 12 years and for the last six, we've just let things fall by the wayside. The forums are not active subsequently, the mailing list is underutilized and our wiki...well you take a look at the statistics[1] and tell me how we have 59,673 active users.

Well, I have some suggestions. Let me know what you think.

Let's start with the wiki. I'd like to transition the wiki from MediaWiki to Dokuwiki. It's a lot simpler and a fresh start, with someone who can invest a few hours to learn and eventually help others learns to make it a community effort. I'd like to see the wiki blagified to a degree, that is not only full of technical knowledge, most of which is already in our forums, but content about free culture, free software and all things that revolve around issues that are relevant to the purpose of the distro.

Next, I'd like to see a shift in the way we communicate. The discussions on IRC are some of the best discussions I've had with individuals. However, off IRC, since there is little activity on the forums and I'd like to see a StatusNet instance setup for our community to keep in contact when we are not necessarily on IRC. Not simply discussions about BLAG, but discussions about what is happening on society, news that impacts each of us and other dialog about life in general.

Lastly, in help define where we are at, I'd like to see groups for the prior blag-developers blag-users created on StatusNet with the creation of actual mailing list that could mirror the content between them.

For the forums, I'd like to keep them, but transition away from them to StatusNet for the future?

In terms of OS Development, that's another long e-mail, that I'll follow up with.




Enjoy your day ahead!
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