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Changes to 29k & 29k repos

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2005 11:08 pm    Post subject: Changes to 29k & 29k repos Reply with quote

Ok. I've merged in packages from Fedora Extras. Package "picking order" is:

1) Fedora
2) Fedora-extras
3) mega-merge authority (e.g. Dag, Freshrpms, etc)
4) blag custom package

If for some reason a package isn't good in one of them, i move down the list to the next (e.g. audacity in Fedora-extras doesn't have mp3 support so I use freshrpms).

This merge entailed some downgrade of Release: numbers, so some of the new packages won't be upgraded since their version number is lower. They aren't lower than anything in 19k though.

The most recent CD image has this change: BLAG-29999.00043.iso

You may get a whole bunch of new packages with this upgrade.

Also, I've rolled a DVD with these changes. The DVD image is rsync'able now too (BLAG-29k-DVD-current.iso)


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