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A short story

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2004 12:39 pm    Post subject: A short story Reply with quote


Like a youthful philanderer, I was not looking for long term relationship.
I went from one to another then to yet another. Some were one night
stands! Some dumped me even before I started. Some I couldn't stand.
I was as fickle as a bee, jumping from one flower to other.

Finally, I ran into you. Things looked different. Fresh and delightful!
I could feel the love in the air! After a couple of trysts, I know we hit it
off! We were made for each other. You offered everything I could do!
When I needed more, I got it.

No longer I was thinking about the "next". I felt really happy! Everyday
was different - something new! May be I am beginning to think long term!

Thank you BLAG! You are awesome. I love you!

P.S.: This short story was written by BLAG_NEWBIE's PC and posted by him.

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