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PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 10:18 am    Post subject: Suggestion Reply with quote

Hi Blaggers,

Just had an idea after have spent long time to find out why Ogle crashed since I try to run DVDs (Mplayer too).
All libs were all right but I discover a specific problem with X that can't handle the stream (memory overflow on a neomagic graphic card).
The good side of this work is that opensources sofwares are well documented and that allows me to find out the solution by writing an option line in X86 conf.

The second point was that Mplayer was crashing on every try to read asf stream or wma2. I was thinking that it coulb be a codec problem.
So I installed the latest release of all avalable codecs with no results.
Finally the problem comes from prelink, I had to modify the conf file in --no exec-shield to correctly handle this commons streams on the internet.

All that to propose a forum section called BLAG Tips and Tricks to allow users to finetune their distro.

Have you ever heard before about the prelink problem?

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